Complete Recruit

Complete Recruit is a Financial Services Broker Recruitment and Mentoring Program that 2exp offer to Brokers looking to join the First Complete Broker Network

Under the Complete Recruit umbrella, we can provide broker recruitment as well as the following services to those interested in developing a career or business within the Financial Services Sector as well as those looking to join the First Complete broker network:

These additional broker services are:

  • Broker Mentoring and Business Mentoring
  • Admin Assistance, Training & Support
  • Compliance Guidance & Support
  • Sales & Marketing Support including Social Media Compliance and Guidance
  • Sales Management etc.
  • Business Support & Business Management


2exP Financial Services Ltd is an appointed representative of First Complete Limited.

We use our 30 years + experience in the financial services sector to provide Financial Services Consultancy  as well as Financial Services broker recruitment & training services to some of the brokers and broker firms who would be interested in joining the First Complete broker network.

We also provide Financial Services Broker Consultancy  via “2exP Financial Services Ltd” and Broker Recruitment & Training for the First Complete broker network via our Complete Recruit program.

For more info or to find out what we can do for you, please contact Phil from 2exp via our contact page.